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The Most Frequently Asked Questions
After Delivery
1. Why doesn’t my remote trunk release work?
Hold the button down for 2-3 seconds and the trunk will open. If it still does not check your glove box for the bypass switch. Push it, and then push your button on your remote to release the trunk.
2. How do I reset the trip meters?
Push the button for your odometer until it is on the Trip you want it on then hold the button down for 2-3 seconds and it will reset to zero
3. Why can’t I turn the key in the ignition?
At times, pressure from the tires transfers through the steering column to the ignition lock. When this happens, simply relieve the pressure by turning the steering wheel ½ inch in the opposite direction of the pressure and turn the ignition key at the same time. The key will release and allow you to start the vehicle (to help prevent this, after parking the car; straighten out the wheels before you shut the car off).
4. Where is the “key” for my wheel locks?
It is found either in the tool kit or attached to the tire iron in the trunk.
5. My car will not start
Make sure you do not have the valet key and or a Mobil Speed Pass, or any other kind of remote key on the same ring with a master key. They keys have magnetic “chips” and will interfere with each other and cause a no start concern.
6. My “check engine” light is on
Make sure you turn the engine off when filling up with fuel, and then tighten the gas cap until you hear a clicking noise (models vary, some click once or twice, other several times). This will make sure the fuel system is closed and prevent the most common reason the light will come on. If the car is driving and running normally and the light stays on, call Rallye Lexus and schedule an appointment. It most likely will be a reset of the light or a sensor replacement. It is normally not a major concern. If you feel any drivability issue, sound, vibration, etc. please contact us before proceeding so we can arrange the best course of action for you and your vehicle.
7. Why is my CD skipping songs?
Make sure that the random setting is not on, as this will allow the CD player to play tracks at random.
8. How do I set the seat memory?
Position the seat, steering wheel and mirrors in the positions that feel comfortable, then hold the “set” button on the door, continue to hold it while you push down the #1 or #2 button until you hear a beep. Do this only while the car is in park and you foot is off the brake pedal.
9. How do I prevent the front windows from fogging up?
On the climate controls, you will find a set of buttons indicating Fresh/Recirculated air. Using the Recirculated setting for an extended period of time could cause the windows to fog, especially when it is cold or very damp outside. Also there is a button for A/C, please leave this on as the A/C system dehumidifies the incoming air to the car. Even when set on a warm setting they Heating and Air Conditioning system will benefit from this feature.
10. The rear doors will not open from the inside.
The child proof locks are probably engaged. The lock levers are on the panel between the outside and inside of the rear doors by the door latch, move them to the opposite direction and recheck.
11. None of the power windows will open except for the driver’s window.
A window lock switch is provided to prevent children from playing with the windows. The switch is located on the driver’s side door panel near the master window switch control. Make sure that the button is in the out position
12. My cruise control will not resume
For safety reasons, the resume feature will only work within 7-10 MPH of the original setting.
13. Why does the A/C light come on when I push the AUTO on the climate control system?
 The system is a true HVAC system (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning). It needs the availability to cycle the A/C system at all temperatures to keep it adjusted properly(even down to 10 degrees), so this light will come on letting you know it is active.
14. My car seems slow to up shift when it is cold outside
This is a normal feeling, the engine and transmissions are built in accordance to EPA regulations and need to reach proper operating temperatures in a certain time frame. So this enhances the warm up of the vehicle is designed to do so.
15. My vehicle will not start after sitting 2-3 weeks
Due to the amount of computers and electronics in late model cars such as yours, there is a slight depreciation in the battery as it keeps them charged. Please see your advisor for advice or tips on how to avoid this happening.
16. The outside mirrors will not tilt down when I put the vehicle in reverse.
Check to see if the mirror switch is in the center position. If it is, it will turn off the auto tilt down feature. Leave the mirror selector switch in either the L or R setting.
17. Why is there a clicking sound after I shut off my engine?
It is the metallic materials used in the exhaust systems expanding and contracting at subtly different rates. This is normal.
18. How do I unlock all the doors with my remote?
Either: push the remote unlock button twice, or if your car has C-Best have our service department set it, or on some late models Navigations systems you can adjust it yourself under settings.
19. Why do I keep finding all my windows and sunroof opened?
This is likely due to the remote unlock button being depressed any where from 2 to 3 seconds. You may not realize that the remote is being depressed in a pocket, or just being held in the hand too tightly even if you are indoors.
There is a by pass that can be performed on most models.
20. My satellite radio does not work all of a sudden; I just picked up the car a few months ago?
The car is satellite ready and you were given XM radio for a trial period which has now expired. You can continue the service by calling 1-800-XM-RADIO.
21. When I press the (key FOB) remote the car won’t open.
The battery in the key FOB is dead. To open the doors and start the car follow these steps.
1.     Remove the leather key case
2.     Pull out the silver pin
3.     Find plastic cap on the door that hides the key hole.
(Look to the right of the door handle or just under it. Feel for a groove or seam there will be a cap or something triangular in shape it may be silver or same color as the car. Pop that off using the silver pins and insert pin in the hole to open car door.
4.     Take your key FOB remote holding it with the letter L facing close but not touching the remote start button. Start the car as you normally would. It will take a while for the starter to read the computer chip.
22. My car won’t start when I press the remote.
Some models may have a toggle switch for the remote start which may be in the off position. Just follow the steering column all the way down and look for a red toggle switch.
23. I have a 2007 RX-350 and it won’t start?
The start sequence from the key fob is:
The car should start in 5 seconds
24. I’m getting a low key battery alert or car does not recognize remote display. What do I do?
Your key fob must be brought to the parts department to change the battery.